About Us

Our Mission

Elon Musk is sending people to colonize Mars, guess which professions are on the first ship there? You can bet there'll be skilled trades! Then why is it that society looks down at skilled trades as a profession? We're working on changing that!


Our mission is to be a catalyst for a change in the way society thinks about skilled trades and the construction industry.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Did you know construction has the highest male suicide rate compared to any other major occupational group?


 Did you know that for every three skilled trades leaving the industry ONE is entering?

The skilled labor shortage and mental health of this workforce are major problems. To combat these problems Level has pledged 1% of sales to the growth of skilled trades & their mental health.

Looking for mental health resources? Check out Inkblot.

Our Core Values


Keeping It Simple


Being Helpful




Riley O'Brien, Co-Founder

Riley grew up in Southwestern Ontario. Always enjoying working with hands and building things, he spent summers constructing pools while in college.

He truly gained an appreciation for a hard day's work that his dad, an electrician, had always taught him about. For Riley, Level is the solution to reducing inefficient days while producing great work.

Leeroy Beeby, Co-Founder

Growing up, Leeroy watched his parents start a number of construction and other businesses. They frequently had insufficient time for business admin & often did their admin at the cost of family time (dinners, weekends, etc).

Helping home builders, remodelers, renovators & trade partners spend less time on admin & more time on what really matters, their work & family, is what motivates Leeroy to take the industry to the next Level. 


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