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Estimates & Invoices for Contractors

Check out the above video for a quick and easy way to use Quickbooks to provide and track your estimates and invoices with clients old and new.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Click + New > then Estimate

  2. Create a New Customer (input their email to automatically send an estimate when you're done)

  3. Plug in all the info - Service date, description, amount, tax etc.

  4. Customize as you wish

  5. Hit save

  6. Click "Sales" in the left tab to view all current estimates & invoices

  7. Click create invoice from a project line item.

From there, manage all Estimates and Invoices in the Sales tab!

How you should be thinking about running your Contracting business

A lot of contractors come to Level and they are torn.

They don't know whether they should invest in getting accounting software or a CRM. If you don't know what a CRM is, it's piece of software that focuses on helping you keep track of the estimates and invoices that you've sent out to clients. We always recommend that you get accounting software before you get Invoicing software.

The reason being is if you're getting accounting software, you are putting profits first. Whereas if you're getting invoicing software only, you are putting revenue first. Profit is the most important thing in your business. If you generate a hundred thousand dollars in revenue this month, but it costs you $110,000 to get that hundred thousand dollars, you're losing money and you wouldn't be aware of this with CRM software until it's too late.

Your bookkeeping or accounting software is an investment in your business and success, because it tells you where your revenue and expenses are coming from.

If you're uncomfortable with bookkeeping, check out our website at and see how we can help you through our tailored and exclusive bookkeeping service for contractors.


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