How To Create a Robust Work Plan

It can be daunting starting a large residential or commercial project, especially for the first time. Due to the nature of large projects, they breed complexity. There are several teams to coordinate, an endless list of tasks and punchlists, more contingencies to anticipate and diversities to navigate. With so many moving parts, things can get out of hand pretty quickly!

This is why you need a project management software like Level to keep you organized and to help you manage your projects no matter how complex. One of the key features and a proven task management technique is to break down your large project into smaller, less complex subprojects. This will allow you to have more control over your project, delegate tasks to your team, and track progress.

By dividing your project by trade, you can leverage Level’s subproject feature to help you create a detailed plan that everyone will understand, maintain constant communication without burying relevant information in emails, and efficiently delegate scope to your supervisors to get the job done.

Create A Detailed Plan

Nothing will save you more time and money down the road than a well thought out plan. Take the time to sit down with your supervisors to develop a thorough plan, making sure everybody has the level of detail that they need to get their work done. Not only will you be able to draw on the expertise of your team to create a killer plan but your team will have a good understanding of the project as a whole - a win-win!

Try breaking down and structuring your plan based on trades and create a subproject for each one. While the list of subprojects will allow your team to see a rolled up description of the tasks that make up the master project, interested parties can dive deeper into each subproject and view detailed tasks involved to get the job done.


It is no secret that having a great team and strong leaders correlate directly to a project's success. After all, you can’t single handedly deliver large projects on your own! However, having the right people on your side is only a start. You need to motivate them by giving them responsibility and holding them accountable.

With subprojects, you can assign your supervisor an entire trade. Start by working together to set key milestones and then allow your supervisor to take care of the daily punchlist/task management. To help keep them focused on their scope you can restrict access to other subprojects. As the project owner, you’ll get live notifications when tasks are complete and when milestones are met.

Maintain Constant Communication

The key to successfully executing a project is communication. As the project owner, you’ll want to keep up with all the happenings of the project and distribute relevant information to the right people. Emails do the job but how much time have you spent sifting through email chains trying to find information? How many emails have you been included on or cc’ed on that were unnecessary?

With Level’s subproject feature, all communication related to each trade is kept organized. Need to pick up more flooring and forget the specs? Check the carpentry subproject. Want to know which electrician your subcontractor is sending to the project tomorrow? Check the team calendar in the electrical subproject. Curious to know when all of the plumbing for the kitchen will be done? Check out the plumbers subproject for a list of remaining tasks.

Not only will you be able to find information quickly, but you can also retain control over your project by restricting access to people to specific subprojects and get live notifications when tasks are completed! No need for status reports when you can check on the project status whenever and wherever you want through the ap.


Creating a master project and subprojects lets you break down a large project and delegate its parts to the necessary people. When you assign subprojects in this manner, it gives responsibility to those who do the work and matches authority with accountability. Level’s subproject feature can help you keep communication organized and will keep you up to date with all activities.

Looking for a better way to manage your large projects and improve performance? Level is free until August 1, 2020 so try it out! To learn more request a demo.