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How to Use the New Bill Payments Feature

Level has just released a new Bill Payments feature across its mobile and web app that allows users to efficiently and accurately handle the tracking of payments of bills and receipts across multiple projects.

Here is a rundown of how to use the new feature.

How to upload and create a bill/receipt and share it across multiple projects:

  1. Navigate to one of the projects that you want to add the bill/receipt content to and select add bill/receipt.

  2. The 'enter details' window will pop up. There is now a new field to input a vendor (e.g. Home Depot). The vendor's name must be typed in here to be created. An image of the bill/receipt can then be uploaded to autofill the remaining details, or these can be added manually.

  3. There is also an option to manually add a label and indicate the payment terms of the bill/receipt — the payment due date is then automatically calculated upon input.

  4. By default, the entire amount of the bill/receipt is allocated to the specific project it was uploaded to. However, there is now the option to split this bill/receipt across multiple projects. This is achieved by tapping 'add another project to split across' and selecting the desired project from the pop-up window.

  5. Once you've chosen the projects to split across, you can input the amount allocated to each project. There is also the ability to add specific notes about the bill/receipt relevant to each project.

  6. After the bill/receipt has been created and split, it will appear on the feed of each project it has been allocated to. In this view, the payment status/due date and split amount can be seen, plus the bill/receipt can be opened to view it.

  7. Once payments have been made, the bill can simply be marked as 'paid' in this window. NOTE: the amount paid must be explicitly typed, and the payment type must be selected from the dropdown options. Once this payment has been created, it will update across all relevant projects.

Click the video below to watch a complete walkthrough of how to upload and create a bill/receipt across multiple projects:

How to use the admin tools available with the Bill Payments update:

  1. In the sidebar, new admin modules are available: vendors and bills.

  2. The vendors module will show the vendors that have been added when creating receipts and bills. Vendors can also be added directly here for use when allocating bills/receipts in projects. Vendors can also be edited in this section — i.e. change the name. Once saved, these edits will be updated across all associated bills/receipts.

  3. Vendors can also be archived in the vendors module, which will remove the vendor from the active list when selecting vendors in the bill/receipt upload and creation process. If a user tries to input a vendor that has been archived, they will receive a notification that there is a vendor with that name already — the vendor will then need to be unarchived by the account admin.

  4. The bills module provides a view of all outstanding bills by default. All partially paid and unpaid bills will be listed here. The color of each receipt/bill will also change according to the status based on the due date — i.e. if it's overdue, it will be red.

  5. All bills and receipts can be opened in the bills module to view their details, notes and which projects they are allocated to. The 'mark as paid' feature can also be used here to allocate payments to specific projects' bills/receipts. NOTE: When inputting amounts paid, the unapplied amount must be zero; otherwise, the payment cannot be submitted. Once the payment is created, it will be reflected in the listed bills payments module and across the feeds of all associated projects.

  6. Suppose you want to mark all bills/receipts as paid for a specific vendor. In that case, this can be done by selecting the bills/receipts associated with that particular vendor from the list in the bills module and clicking the 'mark as paid' button on the top-right of the screen. This provides the ability to assign payment for multiple bills at once.

Click the videos below to watch a complete walkthrough of how to use the admin tools available with the Bill Payments update:


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