How To Improve Your Project Timeline with Level

Projects are broken down into tasks. As tasks are completed, we get closer to completing the project until eventually every task is checked off. Simple right? Well in construction, things rarely go exactly as planned. Tasks may take longer than expected, workers call in sick, additional scope is added, supplies are missing… the list goes on. Next thing you know, your entire plan and schedule flies out the window and you are left scrambling for the rest of the day.

Although we can’t stop these unforeseen events from happening, we can mitigate the headache when they occur. It helps to create a work plan a couple of days in advance and to share them with your team. This way workers can jump onto the next task if they get held up.

As a to do list app, there are several ways to set up tasks for a project on Level. Whether you want to break things up by room, by trade, from top to bottom or by employee, Level makes it quick and easy to do so.

Keep Projects Organized

When you have several projects on the go, it can be difficult to keep track of tasks, employees and team calendars. So when someone calls you up and tells you that they are missing a piece of countertop for installation, how are you going to know which piece is missing, what the product specs are, and where to get it?

The key is to stay organized. Keep track of the status of each project, the tasks for the day, and the weekly schedule for work you’ve assigned to your crew members on the project. This is a lot to stay on top of but it is very important to keep a pulse on your projects and project timeline in case you need to jump in.

In Level, each project is neatly listed so it’s easy for you to keep organized:

  • When adding a new project, you can include the address, a short description, and a cover photo to help you differentiate between projects

  • Use the group chat feature to help you keep project-specific communication organized

  • Keep project-specific documents organized under the “Documents” tabs for quick reference

  • Create and share a weekly schedule for work and team calendar with Level’s scheduling feature

For more info on how Level keeps you organized, check out the video below!

Break Projects Down Into Tasks and Designate Them to Employees

When a delay comes up on the job site a lot of time is wasted. The first thing your team will do is call you to explain what's happening on-site and you’ll discuss other tasks they can work on. While brainstorming other tasks and coordinating your team, the clock is ticking and soon you find that the day has been wasted.

To help keep your team moving when delays arise and improve performance, provide them with a to do list for the week. This way they know what to work on next should something come up. Using a to do list app - rather than paper or the back of a 2x4 - will help streamline this process. Whether you're in the office or on the go, you’ll be able to quickly rearrange your to do list as needed.

For each project you have on Level:

  • List all tasks involved in the project from start to finish. This will give your team a clear understanding of the project

  • Designate each task to a worker so you can ensure that your team works efficiently and instill a sense of accountability

  • Get an overview of what people are working on by checking out the team calendar in each project

  • To help workers stay organized, they can view all tasks designated to them or their weekly work schedule by tapping the “My Items” tab

  • Set deadlines for each task to keep up with your project timeline

Keep in the Loop with Live Notifications

How can you keep up with several projects and tasks all happening simultaneously? Most rely on getting updates from your supervisors via phone call or project status reports but these take time that may be better spent improving the project timeline.

Keep in the loop with automated notifications that require no extra time to send. With Level:

  • Once a task is marked complete, your team can attach a picture. You’ll get a notification for every completed task and will be able view the photo to see the awesome job your team did

  • Scroll through your Activity Feed to scan the happenings of the day or if you’re interested in a specific project, you can also scroll through the project-specific Feed


No matter the number of projects or tasks, with Level you can manage disruption in the workflow, implement a performance improvement plan and achieve your goals for work.

Level is designed to keep you organized and to improve your project timeline, so why not give Level a try and let us know what you think? Level is free until August 1, 2020, so don’t miss out! To learn more, request a demo.