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How To Sync Level to QBO


Optimize your workday by allowing Level to sync with QuickBooks Online to make sure you are up-to-date on Level Bookkeeping Notifications.


1. Sign Up and Set Up:

When you join Level, kick off by creating your login details and adding essential Company Info like name, address, and industry. Don't forget to upload your logo!

2. Industry Selection for Bookkeeping Rules:

Choose your business industry, and Level will sync with your QBO to automatically apply the best Bookkeeping Rules tailored to your business needs. You can modify these rules anytime.

3. Meet CAM, Your Bookkeeping Assistant:

Once your Level profile is set up, meet CAM, the automated bookkeeping assistant. Simply click "Next" to proceed through the onboarding process.

4. Connecting with QuickBooks Online:

Onboarding is now complete, the first task is to link with QuickBooks Online. Click the connect button to open a new window leading to your QBO sign-in page.

5. Syncing with QuickBooks Online:

Sign in to your QBO account, and Level will seamlessly sync the data.

6. Exploring Bookkeeping Rules with Copilot:

After Level sets up your Bookkeeping Rules based on your industry, it will retrospectively scan the last 14 days and flag any notifications. Click "Check out your rules" to learn more about the Bookkeeping Rules specific to your business.


If Bookkeeping Notifications are not appearing on your dashboard, this could be caused by the Level-QBO sync disconnecting. To reconnect, go to Settings > QuickBooks Online tab.

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