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Level and QBO are no longer synced - how do I reconnect them?


If Level and QuickBooks Online (QBO) are no longer synced, you can reconnect them by following these steps:

  • Access Account: Log in to your Level account and navigate to the Account section.

  • Open QuickBooks Online Integration: Look for the tab labeled "QuickBooks Online Integration" within the Account menu. Click on it to open the integration settings.

  • Check Connection Status: Verify the current status of the Level-QBO sync. It will indicate whether the two platforms are connected or disconnected.

  • Reconnect: If the sync status shows as disconnected, there will be an option or icon to reconnect. Click on this option to initiate the reconnection process.

  • Confirm Sync: Once the reconnection is successful, review and confirm the sync. Ensure that the data syncing preferences, such as the types of data to sync, are configured according to your requirements.

  • Test Sync: After reconnection, perform a test to ensure that data is syncing correctly between Level and QBO. Check if any recent transactions or updates in QBO are reflected in your Level account.

  • Troubleshooting: If you encounter any difficulties during the reconnection process or notice that data is not syncing as expected, refer to Level's support documentation or contact Level Support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot any issues and ensure that the sync is functioning properly.

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