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Level was started by 2 people. 


The first, Riley O'Brien, a son of an electrician with a gift for building great technology.


The second, Leeroy Beeby, the son of a serial entrepreneur in construction and a qualified CA from KPMG.

Working with Level, you get a team of experts who make managing your contracting business far easier – so you can focus on growth.


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Our Mission

Our only goal is to assist small and medium sized contractors with the tech tools that their businesses need to grow.

The reality is that 9 out of 10 SMB contractors go out of business, we aim to fix that. Whether that be through our technology, our bookkeeping service, or support services such as consulting as well as future tools we plan on introducing. 

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Riley O'brien


Leeroy Beeby
COO, Head of Accounting


Scott Carnegie
Full stack developer


Jana Kotulak
Accounting Solutions


Nilay Savla
Accounting Solutions

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