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Bookkeeping for Contractors, ONLY.

With Level, become a contractor who puts profits first, because at the end of the day, month or year, what matters is how much your business is growing and how much money is left after all your expenses.

Thinking about getting Level Bookkeeping?

Most contractor businesses we speak to look like this:

How much time do you spend bookkeeping a week?




How confident are you in your bookkeeping?


It's OK

It's a mess

How do you feel at tax time?

Not stressed

It's a crunch

I'm always late

What is your charge-out rate?


Average savings by using Level Bookkeeping per year


Let's connect for a free consultation on 
how we can get you making more money


Automated data entry

Level software removes the hassle of data entry. Keep track of your expenses in real time as you and your team add costs to projects.


Monthly budget setting & reviews

We'll help you prepare your months budget so that, at any time, you know how your business is performing. We'll also review individual months to help you see which projects and aspects of your business are performing the best.


Break-even analysis

How much business do you need to get to start making a profit? Level will continually monitor your business to help you make the correct decisions. 


Labor burden

Monitoring labor expense against project income is crucial for a contracting business to stay profitable. Focus on your team and we'll ensure you're not spending too much.


Over and under billing

Ensure that you balance work done with payment received. We'll manage your cash flow to ensure that you're never working for free.


Full tax service

No fuss Sales and Payroll tax returns.

Our clients use us to grow


James Masson, Fireside
Level is currently saving Fireside up to $52,000 a year.


Andrew Reid, Ginkgo
Level really helps build better relationships with the homeowner.


Kevin Mouen, Giant
Giant reduced the production time on template projects from 90 days down to 45.

Get Level.

Once you experience what Level can do for your contracting business, you'll only see growth.

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