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Pricing built for Contractor needs

Bookkeeping for Contractors

Starts at 719 USD / 899 CAD per month

We scale our service with your needs


Automated data entry

Break-even analysis

Over and under billing

Level software removes the hassle of data entry. Keep track of your expenses in real time as you and your team add costs to projects.

How much business do you need to get to start making a profit? Level will continually monitor your business to help you make the correct decisions. 

Ensure that you balance work done with payment received. We'll manage your cash flow to ensure that you're never working for free.


Monthly budget setting & reviews

Labor burden

Full tax service

We'll help you prepare your months budget so that, at any time, you know how your business is performing. We'll also review individual months to help you see which projects and aspects of your business are performing the best.

Monitoring labor expense against project income is crucial for a contracting business to stay profitable. Focus on your team and we'll ensure you're not spending too much.

No fuss Sales and Business tax returns.

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Contractor technology

Billed monthly, 15% off annual plans (prices in USD)

Startup Contractor

$59 per month

Less than a ☕ per day. Ideal for small contractors with 1 - 5 crew members

1 Admin user

Stability Contractor

$149 per month

Ideal for small / medium growing contractors with up to 15 crew members.

3 Admin users

Scale Contractor

$249 per month

Medium to large SMB contractor businesses with 15+ crew members.

5 Admin users

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Our client loves use us to grow

  • What is an Admin User?
    An Admin User is usually the business owner or project manager because they can create projects on Level. A Non-Admin User, like other employee, trade partner or client, cannot create projects but can be invited to projects by Admin Users.
  • Is there a cost to adding employees, trade partners or clients to a Level project?"
    As long as they are a Non-Admin User, there is no cost. You can add as many Non-Admin Users to a project as you'd like for FREE.
  • How many projects can I create on my Level plan?
    There is no limit on the number of projects you can create on Level.
  • What is a Task Completion Requirement on Level?
    This is a task setting that allows you to specify a requirement that must be met when marking a task as complete. Want to see photo evidence of a task completed? Create a task with a photo completion requirement! Other task completion requirments include add a video, note or project manager sign-off.
  • How much storage comes with my Level plan?
    Level's standard plan comes with 15GB per Admin User.
  • Is Level an annual subscription?
    No Level's standard plan is not an annual plan. Level's standard plan is a monthly subscription and you cancel it any time without penalty.
  • What is Level's cancellation policy?
    Level's subscriptions are non-refunadable. If you cancel your subscription, all of your Level Admin features, including the ability to create and edit projects, will expire at the end of your billing cycle. To cancel your Level subscription, please email:

Get Level.

Once you experience what Level can do for your contracting business, you'll only see growth.

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