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Is the external link to view the transaction in QuickBooks Online (QBO) not functioning as expected?

Have you encountered any issues with the toggles for enabling or disabling Bookkeeping Rules?

Are the notifications in the bookkeeping emails correctly matching the enabled Bookkeeping Rules? Are notifications missing or showing up when not enabled?

Are you encountering issues with adjusting your preferences for Bookkeeping Notification emails? Have you successfully turned the emails ON/OFF or changed the preference to Pause to stop receiving emails?

The reports are not opening when clicking on the items in the Bookkeeping Reports feed?

Have you encountered any issues with filtering the dashboard by Alert Type and Reporting Period? Are the dropdown menus functioning correctly to select the desired alert type or reporting period?

Are you experiencing discrepancies in the number of Bookkeeping Notifications displayed on the dashboard compared to the actual notifications detected by Level within the specified reporting period?

The Bookkeeping Rules applied are not very helpful, what can I do?

Level and QBO are no longer synced - how do I reconnect them?

A previous notification has been addressed, why does Level continue to add it to new reports?

A user added in the recipient mailing list is not receiving the Bookkeeping Notification emails - what could be preventing them from receiving the emails?

The software keeps crashing when I try to access certain features - how can I resolve this issue?

The software is running slowly and taking a long time to load - what could be causing this?

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