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How to Hire an Admin For Your Construction Business

Whether they’re processing invoices, managing receipts, making appointments, paying subcontractors, coordinating time sheets, or assisting with purchasing or monitoring the company’s social media, a great office admin helps you run your business smoothly. Even better, Check The Level ("Level") wants to help you find the best candidate to assist your business while using Level software to its fullest potential.

Meeting Your Expectations

A good starting point is to create a list of job duties you expect your new admin to manage day-to-day. This will also help you decide whether you need a full-time admin, part-time talent, or perhaps a virtual assistant is a suitable option.

When it comes to Level, the best Admin will be comfortable with new technology and can easily adapt to new workflows. Ideally, they are so comfortable with Level that they can teach others how to best utilize the software.

Daily Tasks Using Level

Level is set up to make your administrative duties easy and organized. Listed below are the assumed tasks for Level Admin:

  • Manage timesheets: coordinate with staff and crew to ensure their shift times are all accounted for.

  • Track receipts and bills: ensuring items are submitted to their respective projects.

  • Submitting invoices and payments to respective projects (handling money may be a task you’d prefer to manage but if you want your admin to do it - Level software can handle it too!)

  • Handling money could include paying subcontractors daily or weekly.

  • Level Shoebox maintenance: keeping track of items in the shoebox and making sure every item has been assigned to a project.

  • Create and manage new projects, add customer/lead details, and assign the appropriate crew to projects or sub-projects.

  • Handling the calendar and/or schedule.

  • Responding to calls and messages from customers or crew.

  • Bookkeeping, payroll, and QBO management (unless you use Level Bookkeeping services in which case Level has got you covered!)

Local vs Virtual

Level is available for use on any computer and mobile device. The big question here is “Do you need an Admin in the office?”

This really depends on the expectations you’ve outlined above. Are you a Business Owner that would appreciate someone locally who can collect receipts, invoices, make payments directly to contractors or vendors on-site? Or, do you prefer to have these physical items emailed or uploaded to Level where the admin can manage everything digitally? Here are some thoughts to help you decide which will work best for your business:



  • Have someone in the office to serve the business, keep different departments and people connected, and help the office run smoothly.

  • Be available to go to job sites if needed.

  • Available for in-person meetings, communication, and general tasks as needed.


  • Increase labor cost to require an admin to work full-time or part-time shifts.

  • May need to cover travel costs if they are needed on job sites.

  • Significant investment in computers, office equipment to ensure they feel comfortable in the workspace you’ve provided.

Virtual Advantages:

  • Flexible schedule with an option to pay per hour or per project completed.

  • Flexibility to hire a talented candidate that can work from anywhere, additionally a larger talent pool to hire from.

  • Costs can remain low if a candidate is hired on contract or part-time.


  • Can not meet in-person if needed. You may prefer face-to-face communication (excluding video calls).

  • Difficulty tracking accurate work hours.

  • Communication restricted to texting, phone/video calls, and emails.

Last Step - Hiring an Admin

We hope this article has provided some insight into helping you make the best decision for your business when it comes to hiring a new office administrator. Once you’ve decided on what you need from an Admin, the last decision is how much to pay. It will be important to consider how much your business can budget for an Admin, as well as what is an acceptable wage/salary in your area. This decision will vary depending on your company.

No need to stress though, Level Accounting Managers can assist with determining your Office Admin budget. In addition, Level Support can provide virtual training for your new Admin on best practices for using the Level software. Send an email to to request a 30-minute training session with our team.

Below please find a sample of our recommended job listing for an Office Administrator.


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