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Duplicate Expense Transactions

An identified expense transaction is created or modified that may have been double counted in your books.

Compare expense transactions and open bills from the same supplier as the alert may have identified an expense that was duplicated or not applied against a bill.

“C/R” represents the cleared status of the transaction. A transaction can have 3 types of cleared statuses:

  • “Blank” (aka Uncleared) - The Uncleared status appears when a transaction is brought into your accounting system by not using your accounting software's bank feed.

  • “C” (aka Cleared) - The Cleared status appears when a bank/credit card transaction has come directly from your bank. This could be via a bank feed or from importing a bank statement.

  • “R” (aka Reconciled) - The Reconciled status appears when a bank/credit card transaction in your accounting software has been reconciled to a bank statement. You can reconcile bank transactions through the bank reconciliation feature within QuickBooks Online.

The gray expense rows indicate existing expenses that were identified as potential duplicates, while the dark expense rows are the potential duplicate expenses recently added or modified by the identified user.

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