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Transactions Deleted

A transaction was deleted.

A transaction can have 3 types of cleared statuses:

  • “Blank” (aka Uncleared) - The Uncleared status appears when a transaction is brought into your accounting system by not using your accounting software's bank feed.

  • “C” (aka Cleared) - The Cleared status appears when a bank/credit card transaction has come directly from your bank. This could be via a bank feed or from importing a bank statement.

  • “R” (aka Reconciled) - The Reconciled status appears when a bank/credit card transaction in your accounting software has been reconciled to a bank statement. You can reconcile bank transactions through the bank reconciliation feature within QuickBooks Online.

Warning: When a reconciled transaction is deleted it will create a reconciliation difference, and compromise the accuracy of your accounting data.

For a detailed audit history of the voided and deleted transactions, review the QuickBooks Online Audit Log for this report period.

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