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How To Open Bookkeeping Reports


A Bookkeeping Report is the detailed list of all notifications raised within the last 24 hours by each enabled Bookkeeping Rule managed by your Level Copilot.


There are two methods to opening a Bookkeeping Report.

1. Hover mouse over any dot on the interactive chart. Click on the dot to open the detailed Bookkeeping Report summary for that date.

2. Click on a report listed in the Bookkeeping Reports feed. Each report is listed by date followed by the number of notifications detected on that date.

The detailed Bookkeeping Report will open as a new page with easy capabilities to switch between the report and the dashboard.


Two options to open a detailed Bookkeeping Report as a new page:

1. Hover over a dot on the chart and click to open the detailed report summary for that date.

2. Click on a report in the Bookkeeping Reports feed, listed by date and number of notifications.

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