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How To Set Up Bookkeeping Rules and Preferences Using the Settings


In the Settings window, this is where each client can set preferences, and enable or disable the bookkeeping rules included in the Bookkeeping Report.


  • Set Preferences for Bookkeeping Alert emails. Turn Bookkeeping Alert emails On/Off. The default setting is to have the emails Enabled. Change the preference to Pause to turn off the email alerts. The Bookkeeping Reports will still be generated, but no emails will be sent to the recipient groups.

  • Edit the email addresses that receive the alert emails in Settings to edit the Preferences. From here, click on the Manage Recipient Groups button. You can create groups and add email addresses to each group to receive specific notifications.


In the Settings, you can manage your bookkeeping notification preferences. You can turn the bookkeeping alert emails on or off - the default is enabled (on), but you can change it to pause (off) to stop the emails. Even in pause mode, the reports will still generate, just no emails will be sent.

You can also edit the email addresses receiving the notifications by managing the recipient groups in the Settings.

  • Users can receive notifications for specific transactions or categories. Rules can be set regarding alert types. In the Settings window, you can select which bookkeeping rules you want to receive email notifications for. Each group can individually subscribe or unsubscribe from a specific bookkeeping rule email alert.

  • Turn Bookkeeping Rules On/Off. Beside each Bookkeeping Rule there is an Enabled? toggle that allows you to enable or disable a rule. For each rule you would like Level to monitor, ensure the toggle is set to the ON position.

  • Each recipient group will have a column added next to the Enabled? toggle. Check the box for each bookkeeping rule you wish to be included in the Bookkeeping Alerts email for each recipient group. In the example below, the “Duplicate Expense Transactions” alert will be included in the email to the Bookkeepers, but not the Company Owners.


In the Settings, you can set up your bookkeeping rules to receive email alerts for specific transactions or categories.

To enable a bookkeeping rule, simply toggle the "Enabled?" switch next to the rule you want to activate. This will allow Level to monitor that rule and include it in the Bookkeeping Alerts email.

Additionally, you can customize which recipient groups receive notifications for each rule. There's a column next to the "Enabled?" toggle where you can check the box to include that rule for a particular group, like "Bookkeepers" or "Company Owners".

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