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How To Review Bookkeeping Notifications in the Bookkeeping Report


The Bookkeeping Report describes the enabled bookkeeping rules that have generated notifications over the past 24 hours. The report will highlight the specific transactions that failed to meet the bookkeeping rules, and provide an external link to the transaction in QBO to allow your bookkeeping team to address the issue. The report will summarize the transaction details by Reporting Date, Transaction Type, Transaction Number, Vendor, Account, and Amount.


1. Open a Bookkeeping Report by either clicking on a dot in the interactive chart or selecting a report from the list in the Bookkeeping Reports feed to the right.

2. Each identified notification will be presented as:

  • Bookkeeping Rule + Description

  • Number of alerts per Bookkeeping Rule

  • Total dollar amount of all notifications

  • Identity of the user that created or modified the transaction

  • Table which includes all identified notifications

  • External link to QBO corresponding to each identified notification

  • Addressed checkbox

3. View the transaction in QBO by clicking the external link available in the Reporting Date column.

4. Once the notification has been addressed, check the Addressed box.

5. Within the Bookkeeping Report feed, each report will be color coordinated using how many notifications have been addressed compared to the total number of notifications. A red bubble means 0 notifications addressed, orange means at least 50% addressed, and green means all addressed.


To review bookkeeping notifications in the Bookkeeping Report:

1. Open a Bookkeeping Report by clicking on a dot in the chart or selecting a report from the list.

2. Each notification displays the bookkeeping rule, number of notifications, total amount, and the user that created/modified the transaction.

3. Click the external link to view the transaction in QuickBooks Online.

4. Once the alert is addressed, check the "Addressed" box.

5. The report will be color-coded based on how many notifications have been addressed - red (0%), orange (≥50%), green (100%).

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